Voice Activation is not the way to go

A new research came out two days ago from the University of Utah led by Prof. David Strayer. Showing that voice activated cars are distractive and even one driver while holding both hands on the starring wheel and looking at the road crashed into the car in front of her.

There are companies out their swearing by voice activation. But the truth is just like with Palm Pilots where we had to use special characters to represent letters, we need to speak specify commands to activate different features in our cars. Even the day where we can just speak to the car, it will not be the ultimate way of making drives less distracted.
A new research came out two days ago from the University of Utah led by Prof. David Strayer. Showing that in fact people are more distracted while using voice commands then previously thought. They did a test with a few different manufacturers and informant systems and a skewed test, in my eyes, with Apple Siri. showing that apple Siri made people most distracted, Siri has different purpose then what they tested it for. ( even thought they did test like read text messages and so on) (read more)
Voice activation to work means that we need to be using on daily bases even if we are not driving. That will never happen. The main reason I test is to be less intrusive. With voice activation i will not only need to talk out loud like a crazy person but I will have a computer reading out my personal/work emails or text messages that might only be meant for me and not anyone around me.
2015 Volvo XC90
So whats the solution? I believe the solution to keeping people less distracted is ( until we get autonomous vehicles) is super simple touch screen that if you’ve never been in the car you will understand how to use it, and/or gestures done in a certain zone. Ever hear of leap motion? Imagine turning up an imaginary volume button in the air and the volume on the information center gets lauder. Well with leap motions technology you can do that. That’s the future not audio feedback maybe.


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