Autonomous Vehicle will be a big business

“This is the year we’ll look back on as the turning point,” said Scott Belcher, president of the nonprofit Intelligent Transportation Society of America, who has helped organize a global connected car expo for seven years. “We’re at the cusp now of this completely new generation of transportation, and it’s going to change things on a scale not seen since Eisenhower and the Interstate Highway System.”

New York times wrote about the new trend in the automotive industry, autonomous or semi autonomous vehicles. – “By the end of the decade, a growing number of automakers aim to offer some form of hands-off-the-wheel, feet-off-the-pedals highway driving where a driver can sit back and let the car take control.”9tro_050514_060917_145733_1_5

This is following my research papers suggestions, that by 2021 there will be fully autonomous vehicles in the world.

McKinsey & Company has projected that the revenue associated with car2car technology will grow to more than $230 billion by the end of the decade, about a sixfold increase from current levels. ( read more)

We still have a long way to go before we will see them fully autonomous and most of the factors which New York times is not mentioning is the willing ness of actual car consumers, to buy a car that will drive it self. Like I’ve written we have the technology that can offer the consumers a car that drive itself but we are missing the laws and trust, trust from consumers.

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