The Rolls-Royce of Luggage

This set of luggage is truly THE Rolls-Royce of luggage! It is designed by Rolls-Royce themselves in their Bespoke department and it will complement your Wraith! The price tag of $46,000 for the set, I mean what’s the big deal? You’ve already spent at least $360,000 on the car. With the help of world’s finest hotels’ butlers to point out the needs of their travelers, the set is a truly well engineered luggage set made with carbon fiber frames and magnetic fastenings. 2016-rolls-royce-wraith-luggage-collection-4 90685 Wraith Luggage.png 2016-rolls-royce-wraith-luggage-collection-5

Please see your local Rolls-Royce for purchase detail.


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