Neonode – Are issued US patent Light based touch controls.

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These technologies, which are very similar to Leap Motion, is a IR based system to control your PC for various uses. The capabilities are unlimited but just like the Newtons and Palms during the 90s they will probably need specific movements to control different aspects of the car that you as a user will have to learn. However this will ultimate in my mind be the way of the future. Touch-less dashboards- anyone is the car would potentially be able to drive the car, speed steering, navigation and other medias.

With these technologies we are getting one step closer to autonomous vehicles, make it easier for the drive(user) to control the car and infotainment system.

Bellow is the full Press Release,

SANTA CLARA, California – July 10, 2014 Neonode Inc., (NASDAQ: NEON), the optical-touch technology licensing company, announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently issued Neonode patent #8,775,023 (‘023) for Light-Based Touch Controls on a Steering Wheel and Dashboard.

The ‘023 patent covers controlling in-car entertainment and navigation systems via hand gestures performed on a touch-sensitive steering wheel. This patent expands Neonode’s family of sweep gesture patents, which include US Patent Nos. 8,095,879 and 8,650,510. This is Neonode’s 17th issued US patent and its 42nd issued patent worldwide.

Neonode’s groundbreaking and patented “steering wheel” technology allows for innovative and cost-efficient interior design, while improving usability and safety. Moreover, this smart steering wheel solution enables auto OEMs to substantially simplify interior design, while lowering system costs. Automobile manufacturers are increasingly focused on improving driver ergonomics and safety, and thus, are migrating interior controls from the center console to the steering wheel.

Neonode’s new steering wheel patent leverages zForce™AIR™ (AIR) solutions, which enable open-air gestures on a steering wheel, or any other device. Neonode’s AIR sensor is a modular bar that can be integrated into, or onto, any device, and projects an infrared light field onto any desired touch area. The result is remarkable flexibility in industrial design, and differentiated leading edge functionality.

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