mCity – Fake city to research new vehicle technologies

University of Michigan have built a fake city to test V2V ( vehicle to vehicle) V2X (vehicle to Infrastructure). This lets researched test autonomous vehicles as well as new technologies on a proving ground with a set standard on 32 acres.

Roadway Attributes
1000’ North/South straight
Various road surfaces (concrete, asphalt, brick, dirt)
Variety of curve radii, ramps
Two, three, and four-lane roads
Round-about and “tunnels”
Sculpted dirt and grassy areas

Road-side Attributes
Variety of signage and traffic control devices
Fixed, variable street lighting
Cross walks, lane delineators, curb cuts, bike lanes, grade crossings
Hydrants, sidewalks, etc.
“Buildings” (fixed and movable)

Volvo Car Group holds a similar fake city in Sweden that was constructed last ear to test their autonomous vehicles to get to their 2020 vision of not fatalities or seriously injured people driving a Volvo.




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