Exploring New Frontiers

We’ve known cruise ships that has taken you to tropical places, to see glaciers in Alaska, and even ones that would take you around the world. A luxury cruise line called Crystal Cruises is taking things to new heights and planned out a trip that will happen once this year to explore the Northwest Passage. This all inclusive voyage will take you from Alaska, up towards the Arctic through breathtaking waterway lines, and concluding in New York. It will bring you to explore new frontiers that only a handful of ships per year has made it through this passage in the past. As surface area of the ice in the Arctic Circle declined by 30% within the last 25 years, this voyage is made feasible. Crystal Cruises is known for its fine cuisines and the Serenity will also be equipped with 2 helicopters for tours and for safety path planning. At the cost of $22,000 per person, the spots are filling up fast! Booked soon and be one of the first ones!

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