Dubai’s Finest, Ultra-Luxury Underwater Homes

After 5,000 hours of research and 13,000 hours of design and engineering, it resulted in $2.8 million dollar properties located in the waters of the Arabian Gulf. These ultra-luxury homes are called Seahorses and partially it is submerged underwater giving you an experience of a lifetime.

Since it is located about 2.5 miles off shore from Dubai, it definitely gives the sense of privacy someone is looking for. The only way to reach these homes are by boat or seaplane. Not only is Kleindienst building these luxurious homes, they are also focusing on creating an artificial coral reef beneath the retreats to provide an environment for seashores to live and breed safely.

Are you ready for the mermaid life?

the-floating-seahorse-underwater-bedroom the-floating-seahorse-view-from-sea-to-underwater-bathroom2 1297837454538_ORIGINAL but-a-kleindienst-representative-says-that-the-seahorse-needs-to-undergo-several-more-tests-on-dry-docks-before-it-can-reach-the-water the-company-says-that-it-hopes-the-structure-can-set-a-new-standard-for-what-it-means-to-live-lavishlythe-floating-seahorse-sea-level-bedroom-by-night1


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