2015 SAE World Congress: 20 years untill we will see self driving cars

2015 SAE World Congress, a few interesting quotes

“Many autonomous-vehicle announcements have been made lately, and it feels like a race is under way in this field,” notes Toshio Yokoyama, senior chief engineer for Honda R&D in Japan. “However, it’s important to know where we are racing to, and to what end.”

“When we are talking autonomous vehicles, nobody even knows what we’re talking about,” he says. “What are the boundaries? Is it freeway driving? Urban driving? Is it driving autonomously through 10 ins. (25 cm) of snow?

“This is why nobody has a clear answer as to when these technologies will be on the market.”

“It will be a 20-year transition,” predicts Patrick F. Bassett, vice president-R&D for Denso International America.

They also mentioned that the main issue is cost, infrastructural and legal hurdles. I see this but in the revers order, with legal hurdles holding everything up. I’m holding firm that we will see autonomous vehicles on our road by 2021 with a reachable price.



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